Passionate Web Developer
As a freelance web developer, I constantly hunt out the absolute best solutions for my clients. I specialize in ecommerce site development and hosting. My tool of choice is WooCommerce hosted on WPEngine. I love building beautiful websites and I diligently hunt the best solution for my clients. Some of my services are below:

WordPress / WooCommerce Site Development

WordPress Hosting

SEO & Analytics Support

WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Site Management & Montoring

Feel Free To Contact Me
I love an email as much as the next guy, but a phone call is always better


1136 Nature Run Rd. Batavia, OH 45103


Web Development

Web Development at the Speed of Light

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, and for good reason! WordPress allows you to make a website that does pretty much anything you want – whether it’s e-commerce, a blog, a simple informational site, you’re only limited by your imagination.

I’ve been developing WordPress sites for the last 5 years and can make it solve your needs. Let’s get started today!

Who uses WordPress?
Some of the best sites on earth use it. Why not you?

Need a Developer On Retainer?

I’m available! I offer affordable retainers so that I’m always ready to meet your needs. To learn more, shoot me an email or…


Let’s Build Something Awesome

Are You Ready for This?

I make WordPress bring your business to life. I have built dozens of custom themes, e-commerce utilities, insane plugins, and solved problems clients didn’t realize WordPress could handle. The only question left is: How can I help you?

Get Started

How an Idea Takes Flight

The key to success is a detailed process to every build. Whether you’re looking for a minor tweak, or a full custom site, my approach is more or less the same. Here’s a brief introduction.


Nothing should ever begin without a clear and detailed understanding of what we are trying to achieve.

Design / Project Mapping

Knowing what your needs are and how to best meet them, I meet with designers (if a design is involved) and begin mapping out plan to meet your needs.Aftera final discussion will take place to confirm that all needs will be met, the real work begins.

Build It

I build the thing and, when it's done, they come. Or something like that.


After a final review period, and once all questions have been settled, it's time to launch your new feature or site. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Let's Build Something